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Computers and laptops have become an integral part of our personal and business lives and any fault in them renders us helpless. To avoid such situations everyone using a computer system needs to ensure its regular maintenance to avoid sudden shutdowns or breakdowns. This is possible by taking expert help to ensure that your systems are cleaned properly, updated for the latest technologies and secured by the essential hardware, and software against viruses and malware. We, at Monmouth Computer Associates, have been offering high-quality computer system maintenance services for many years now.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Here are some benefits of regular maintenance of your computer systems:

Early Detection of Problems

Regular maintenance checks on your computer can help in the early identification of problems that can disrupt its normal functioning at a later stage. Small issues like the blinking of the screen or the slow loading of pages can occur at any time. But this does not happen without a reason which if unidentified leads to bigger problems.  Similarly, clicking or unusual sounds from your computer may be a pointer to hard disk failure.

Protection from Viruses and Malware

Our computers and laptops are highly vulnerable to virus and malware attacks that can not only lead to loss of data but also make them useless. Some types of viruses don’t do much damage except slowing down your system and are only annoying, but there are others that can wreak havoc and infect the total data. This can lead to loss of productivity and involve costs to recover the data and fix the system. Such situations can be avoided by opting for computer system maintenance services. The IT experts will ensure that you use the latest anti-virus software and firewall to deal with these security threats.

Speed Up the Computer Systems

Regular maintenance results in timely detection of all programs and files that are slowing down the performance of your system. Our experts will not only check all the files but also ensure that they are organized and stored properly to reduce the processing times. They will run speed and optimization checks to identify issues quite early and take remedial action.

What Does Regular Maintenance Involve?

Our expert team will visit your home or office after a specified time and carry out the following steps:

  • Installing the necessary security patches
  • Updating the Computer software
  • Carrying out security checks and removing any detected malware or virus
  • Remove unnecessary software or browser add-ons
  • Remove temporary files and cookies
  • Check hardware configurations and adjust system settings for maximum performance
  • Check the integrity of hard disk drives and file systems
  • Adjust system settings for maximum performance
  • Physical cleaning of internal components like fat, cooling vents etc.
  • Verify Wi-fi Networks are secure
  • Install any available router firmware
  • Check data backup and verify the quality and speed of the internet connection
  • Check printer operation and verify ink levels.

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Each step is completed with utmost care to prevent problems before they occur and become large costly problems. Computer maintenance is essential to keep you protected from hackers and malware, and to significantly increase your computer’s life, speed, and efficiency.

How Often is Maintenance Recommended?

  • Business Systems – Every 3-Months
  • Home Systems – Every 6-Months

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