Data Recovery

Expert Data Recovery Since 2004 - We Can Help Recover Your Data

Hard drive crash, system crash, physical damage, fire, flood? Since 2004, we've recovered data for thousands of customers. We can recover your lost files, photos, videos, documents and more.  We have the tools and the expertise to get your data back.

Here is a review from one or our Data Recovery customers: "We have a local business for over 25 years selling mostly local photography and seascapes. Most of our photos for the last five years were stored on a Seagate drive that just stopped working one day. My big concern was security, giving out my drive meant exposing my files to whoever had access. A big gamble for me. I spoke with Dan, he assured me that our files were safe and secure at his company. ...they were able to transfer my files to another new drive, nothing was lost in the process. Wow...we are so grateful to Dan and Monmouth Computer [Associates]. I highly recommend them to anyone who has sensitive files."

Data Recovery

If you did not protect your data with regular backups, we can still help!

  • Your computer won’t turn on
  • You’re unable to access important files
  • Your hard-drive suddenly stopped working
  • You accidentally deleted some files

“I thought I was going to get fired after a lost a bunch of important business data on our server. But then Dan (the owner) came out to our office and totally saved me! He knew exactly what to do and he was able to recover all of the data. Thanks, Monmouth Computer!”

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s gone for good.

Relax. Chances are we can help. In fact, we’re so sure we can recover your data that if we can’t, you won’t pay a thing. Unlike other companies, who might charge you a fee regardless of whether or not they successfully recover your files, we only charge when we get your data back, safe and sound.

Did you know that the chances of recovering damaged or corrupted data goes down significantly after the first failed attempt? It’s important that you don’t try and recover your data yourself and leave it up to the experts.

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