Computer Repairs

“Without the services of Monmouth Computer Associates, I’d be lost. When my brand-new-just-out-of-the-box-no-warranty computer completely fell apart, Monmouth Computer Associates was on the job. Not only were they able to restore it, but fixed it in a way that has made it faster and much more user-friendly. I would recommend the Monmouth Computer Associates services to anyone and everyone who needs help. I would not even consider buying another computer or accessories without their expert advice.”

Think of us as PC doctors with our fingers on the pulse of your computer.

We service and repair all desktops, laptops, and server systems. Got viruses or spyware? We’ll clean out your computer, perform system maintenance and optimization, and recover lost data from any storage media. We also fix troublesome wireless networks and help you upgrade your system to ensure optimal functionality.

At Monmouth Computer Associates, we’re in the business of fixing things. We’ve been helping individuals and businesses for over 14 years. That’s a lot of people and a lot of gear!

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