How to Upgrade your Small Business LAN Network

You don’t want the company COO breathing hellfire down your neck because of downtime caused by a faulty computer system. To avoid these kinds of situations, you need to perform regular network upgrades to maintain productivity and avoid the obvious rage from company executives. Now, if your company network is functioning well enough, then you don’t need any unnecessary upgrades.

If you are the one in charge of the company’s technological health status, then you must perform continuous system evaluation to ensure that the network is performing at its best. If the network performance is below par, then you need to discuss more on the type of upgrade required that can cause the least impact on the networks productivity. But how can one upgrade the computer network?

Ways of upgrading the computer network
Increase the network security
Protecting your company information with state of the art anti-virus and malware software is very important. You should not use stone age security systems to counter cyber attacks. When you are vigilant, you will enable data security and confidentiality.

Grow your network
If you are in a company that is growing, chances are that you are adding extra computers to the network. As you hop around enjoying the growth of your company, you must ensure that your network is capable of managing the extra resources and workload. The expansion can include investing in cloud solutions or investing in remote capabilities.

Every staff member in your company uses the computer network to perform different tasks. In life as is in any business, pleasing everyone is not possible, but you can conduct staff surveys and hold discussions with the team leaders to learn the pain points of the computer network that need to be addressed.

To have a more comprehensive report on the status of your computer resources, you can hire an IT consultant like Monmouth Computer Associates to investigation. Before any upgrades are done, you need to know the following:

Who is using the computer network from remote locations?
How many devices are connecting to the network?
How much data is being produced and used every day?
What programs are available and are the business needs meet with the current setup?
Since technology improves almost every day with new software and hardware devices being placed in shelves for purchase, you don’t have an excuse of not making your network secure and functioning at a high level. The most crucial thing is to make the right decisions on how you are setting up your computer network are done because it will affect the future upgrades by either making the process a walk in the park or a complete nightmare. But when is the right time to upgrade?

When to upgrade the computer network
For the ways mentioned above on upgrading the computer network, you may desire to boost your productivity by improving collaboration, or automating some company tasks with anywhere, any time access to data. Alternatively, you may want to add more storage or security in your network, boost the response time of your customers, or even reduce the overall cost of operations.

The list is endless, but you get the point. In all these situations we have listed, upgrading the network can solve the problem. But to know when you can upgrade, you need to answer these questions:

How much more time is spent by employees in completing tasks?
For example, do applications take longer to launch? Or is the network lagging? If so, then an upgrade should be scheduled.

Are powerful new applications being used in your business?
If you are going to use applications that use a lot of memory, then you will have to upgrade your systems.

Do you plan on adding more users to the network?
If this is the case, then you need to upgrade the storage capacity and the memory of the shared resources in the network.