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Digital storage is fast emerging as the best option to store all your important documents, photos, notes and other data. But the convenience of storing all your important data in your machines or digital storage devices comes with a risk, the risk of data loss due to a hard drive crash or virus attack or any other fault. This is where you need to have quick access to data recovery services.

We, at Monmouth Computer Associates, offer expert data recovery services to retrieve your lost pictures, videos, and all other documents that were stored in your computers or laptops, hard drives, servers, and other devices. Our services ensure that your business is not crippled because of the loss of crucial data.

Always Approach Experts for Data Recovery

Data recovery is possible but only if done in the right manner and by using the right tools. So instead of trying to recover the data yourself or asking a friend to do so, approach an expert immediately. The chances of the recovery of your important data fall after the usage of wrong techniques or failed attempts. The chances of getting your crucial data back are high if you take expert help rather than attempting to do so yourself.

Our technical team has years of experience in restoring corrupted, lost, inaccessible or accidentally deleted data. We can restore data from both internal and external storage media devices including:

  • USB drives
  • Hard Disk Drives
  • Solid State Drives or SSD
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Floppy Disks
  • Memory Cards
  • Magnetic Tapes.

We can also restore data from a backup to a laptop, desktop, or server.

When to Call Us?

You can lose important data due to varied reasons including a virus or malware attack, corrupted files, unexpected system shutdown, fall or damage of magnetic tapes. Mechanical failure of hard disks, sudden electric shutdown. Our experts can review the situation and use the best option to maximize the data recovery.

Call us Immediately if:

  • Your computer is not responding, or you are not able to reboot it
  • You can hear a clicking sound from your hard drive
  • Your machine was damaged due to a fall or spilling of a liquid
  • Or you are unable to access your data- this could be due to software issues and so requires the use of data recovery software. You could even have deleted it or moved it to an unknown location. Cyber attackers or hackers can also prevent you from accessing your data.

We, at Monmouth Computer Associates, realize the importance of recovering data fast and respond immediately to your calls and messages for data recovery. Our experts not only retrieve your important files, videos and pictures but also educate you about preventing further data losses.


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